“We have been using Crumps’ naturals in our veterinary practice and exam room for more than a decade. It is one of the healthiest and most palatable treats available and most dogs will do anything even for a tiny morsel. This makes Crumps’ naturals especially useful as a training aid, for which we endorse the product enthusiastically. Quality and consistency are top-notch and I have no hesitation recommending crumps’ naturals to all of my canine patients.”

Dr. Scott Kelman, Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital Calgary, Alberta

“Crumps liver fillets are fantastic, healthy treats with no artificial colours or flavours or preservatives. My patients love them! They are especially helpful in the exam room to keep my patient’s attention and help calm them. We also use them to improve palatability and encourage appetite in hospitalized patients. They are great for rewarding good behaviour because they can be broken into very small pieces so the pet does not become too full too quickly, thus making training easy.”

Dr. Julie Schell Bsc (Hons), DVM, Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital

“Many of our animal friends love these liver fillets. As a treat or to perform, they do the trick. The fillets break up to nice small “bits” and are handy.”

Lighthouse Veterinary Hospital

“Our patients love the great taste and our clients appreciate the natural ingredients without any preservatives.”

The staff at Blue Cross Animal Hospital

"Our clients love your treats”

The staff at Gananoque Veterinary Clinic